Our Philosophy

ClinicThe field of health care has changed remarkably over the past decade. While many are still seeking “quick fixes” to their health problems, in the medical or natural fields, more people are looking for REAL SOLUTIONS to their health challenges. The NEW HEALTH SCIENCES recognize that there is an innate or inborn intelligence in each of us, which operates to nourish and protect us and allow for vibrant health. Our daily choices either help or hinder this natural ability to heal.

The degenerative diseases which result in enormous personal suffering and premature death (cancer, chronic fatigue, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis etc.) are no longer blamed on genetics alone. Instead they are understood as accelerated aging; a process which research has now proven is more influenced by PERSONAL CHOICES than any other factors. The vital roles of spinal and structural care, exercise, nutrition, mental/emotional patterns, sleep and body clock cycles, healthy electro-magnetic fields and detoxification are increasingly clear.

At King City Natural Health Centre we have been developing and testing health promotion strategies for over two decades. We use state of the art non-invasive assessments and natural therapies and remedies individualized for the patient’s needs. Our approach of HEALTH COACHING can delay and potentially reverse the pre-mature aging process.