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Our Philosophy

At the King City Natural Centre we have been enhancing health and personal performance since 1961. Carrying on from his father, Dr. Tim Houlton is a second generation chiropractor and along with his wife Daphne and the qualified team of practitioners at the clinic, our approach is to address the underlying causes of pain and disease.

From its beginnings as a Family Chiropractic Health Centre, the clinic has been built on the principle that Health Comes From Above Down Inside Out.

We are all born with an innate or in-born ability for health and healing, yet most chronic degenerative illnesses are on the rise. Most people are looking for the quick-fix, whether through medical or alternative care. Real solutions lie in discovering what’s interfering with this natural ability to heal, not simply shuffling symptoms.

It’s About Making Better Choices.

ClinicOur programs are designed to assess and support your unique needs. Our practitioners and services share an approach that supports your natural ability for repair and healing. We recognize that in the long run, there’s little the doctor can do, which will overcome what the patient will not do. Lifestyle habits including food quality and meal timing, movement and exercise patterns, sleep cycles, natural light exposure, toxin exposure and how we deal with stress are all integral to any effective health program. Our education and support in these areas, along with state of the art assessment and range of health services provides a quality natural health care experience for our patients.

Set in beautiful horse country in King City, in our truly awesome post and beam clinic, we welcome you to the King City Natural Health Centre.